European Championship news - 2

Below are news and updates from the European Championship 2024.

Euro 2024: Host Nations' Performances in European Championships
17-06-2024 09:01 - Discover how host nations have fared in past European Championships, from Spain’s glory to Portugal’s heartbreaks. What awaits Germany in Euro 2024?
Oldest and Youngest Players in EURO 2024 History
16-06-2024 10:06 - Explore the youngest and oldest players in EURO 2024, their performances, records, and post-tournament careers.
European Championship: greatest winners and champions
16-06-2024 07:09 - Discover the biggest winners of the UEFA European Championship. Read about the successes of Spain, Germany, Italy, and more. Get ready for Euro 2024!
EURO 2024: The Youngest and Oldest Goalscorers in History
14-06-2024 09:54 - Discover the youngest and oldest players who made history at the EURO. From Vonlanthen to Ronaldo, see who set records.
The Greatest Goal Scorers in European Championship History
13-06-2024 08:45 - Relive the greatest goal scorers in Euros history. Explore the impressive feats of Ronaldo, Platini, Griezmann, and more.
Players with the Most Appearances in EURO History
12-06-2024 20:35 - Explore the players with the most appearances at the EURO's. From Cristiano Ronaldo to Bastian Schweinsteiger, discover their incredible performances.
The Highest Scoring Matches in European Championship History
11-06-2024 18:21 - Discover the highest-scoring matches in the history of the European Championship. From Yugoslavia's 5-4 win in 1960 to Spain's recent triumphs.
Biggest Wins in the History of the European Championship
10-06-2024 20:15 - Discover the biggest wins in the history of the UEFA European Championship. From the Netherlands' 6-1 victory over Yugoslavia to Spain's 5-0 triumph over Slovakia.
EURO 2024 Song 'FIRE' by Meduza, OneRepublic & Leony Released
17-05-2024 13:16 - Get ready for UEFA EURO 2024 with 'FIRE', the official song by Meduza, OneRepublic, and Leony. Join the #LightYourFire campaign for a chance to win final tickets!
Discover Football Technologies at EURO 2024: VAR, Goal-line Tech & More
14-05-2024 11:46 - Explore how technology, including VAR and connected ball tech, will revolutionize EURO 2024. Learn about semi-automated offside and goal-line technology.