EURO 2024 throphy - design, meaning and history

Throphy of the European Football Championship
Throphy of the European Football Championship

The European Championship throphy is named 'Henri Delaunay Cup'. Here you can read everything about the trophy of the European Football Championship, such as the design, meaning and history of this prestigious award.

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    The cup is called the Henri Delaunay cup and is in honor of this famous Frenchman. He came up with the idea of a European Football Championship in 1927.

    The cup is not gold, but silver, and is worth about €15,000.

    The original European Cup remains in the possession of UEFA. This trophy is used for various ceremonies and presentations, such as during the final and other events. An equally sized replica is issued to the winner of the European Championship.

    If a country wins the tournament three times in a row or a total of five times, they are awarded a special token of recognition. The counter starts again at zero for the country in question.

    In addition to the European Cup, the winning country receives 40 gold medals. The losing finalist will receive 40 silver medals for players and staff.

    Each participating country receives a commemorative plaque and the semi-finalists and finalists receive a special plaque.

    European Championship throphy

    In the period 1924-1928 he was a member of FIFA. In that period he, together with Jules Rimet, also devised the World Football Championship, which would be held for the first time in 1930. Henri Delaunay was also the first Secretary General of UEFA.

    Henri Delaunay
    Henri Delaunay

    Although Henri Delaunay already conceived the European Football Championship in 1927, the first European Championship was not held until 1960. The cup of the tournament was nevertheless named after Henri Delaunay as the creator of the European Football Championship. Mr. Delaunay lived from 1883 to 1955 and was first a professional football player and then a referee.

    EC throphy stolen?

    Unlike the World Cup, the Coupe Henri Delaunay has never been stolen. The World Cup trophy is named after co-creator Jules Rimet.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the throphy

    What is the official throphy of EURO 2024 called?

    The Henri Delaunay Cup is the name of the official throphy of the European Championship 2024.

    How much does the European Championship throphy cost?

    The European Championship 2024 throphy costs around €15,000.

    Is the European Championship throphy made of gold or silver?

    The European Championship throphy is made of silver and not gold.

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    The EURO 2024 throphy is called the 'Henri Delaunay Cup'. Read all about the trophy of the European Football Championship, such as the design, meaning and history of this throphy.

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