EURO 2024 draw - December 2, 2023 - procedure and draw pots

All information about the EURO 2024 draw on December 2, 2023: draw pots, procedure and results. Here you will find everything about the draw for the European Football Championship 2024. View the results of the draw on this page.

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    EURO 2024 draw results

    This is the result of the draw for the 2024 European Championship:

    1. Germany, Hungary, Scotland, Switzerland
    2. Spain, Albania, Croatia, Italy
    3. England, Denmark, Slovenia, Serbia
    4. France, Austria, Netherlands, play-offs A
    5. Belgium, Romania, Slovakia, play-offs B
    6. Portugal, Turkey, Czech Republic, play-offs C

    Euro 2024 draw - procedure for the draw for EURO 2024

    The European Championship 2024 draw is the draw for the group classification for EURO 2024. This page contains the procedure, thedraw pots and the outcome of the draw.

    During the draw, the 24 best European countries will be drawn in 6 groups of 4 countries each. After this draw, the teams know what to expect at the European Championship in the summer of 2024.

    Draw pots European Championship 2024 draw - England in pot 1

    This are the draw pots for the European Championship 2024 draw with England in pot 1:

    Pot 1
    Germany Germany
    Portugal Portugal
    France France
    Spain Spain
    Belgium Belgium
    England England
    Pot 2
    Hungary Hungary
    Turkey Turkey
    Romania Romania
    Denmark Denmark
    Albania Albania
    Austria Austria
    Pot 3
    Netherlands Netherlands
    Scotland Scotland
    Croatia Croatia
    Slovenia Slovenia
    Slovakia Slovakia
    Czech Republic Czech Republic
    Pot 4
    Italy Italy
    Serbia Serbia
    Switzerland Switzerland
    Playoff A Play-off A
    Play-off B Play-off B
    Playoff C Play-off C

    The division of the pots for the draw is determined based on the results in the qualifying round. [ref] The following criteria apply successively: position in the group, points, goal difference, goals scored, away goals scored, number of wins, number of away wins, lowest disciplinary points, position in the Nations League rankings [ref].

    Pot allocation for the draw for the European Championship 2024
    Pot allocation for the draw for the European Championship 2024

    When is the European Championship draw?

    The draw will take place in the city of Hamburg on December 2, 2023 at 6:00 PM. [ref] The Elbe Philharmonie Hall is the venue for this special meeting of UEFA for the draw.

    Location draw European Championship 2024

    The draw for the European Football Championship will be held in the Elbe Philharmonie Hall. This building is a major landmark in the football tournament's northernmost host city.

    Construction of the hall was completed in November 2016 and is 110 meters high. The building symbolizes the port city and therefore has a facade like waves.

    In the main hall are two concert halls, apartments and a hotel. Major artists from all over the world regularly come to perform in the acoustic building in Hamburg.

    European Championship 2024 draw at the Elbe Philharmonie
    European Championship 2024 draw at the Elbe Philharmonie

    How does the Euro 2024 draw work?

    The European Championship 2024 draw works as follows. 20 teams (numbers 1 and 2 from the qualifying pools) will be seeded into one of four pots (1, 2, 3 and 4) prior to the draw based on their results in the group stage of the qualifying rounds. [ref]

    Germany is the host country in pot 1, but will not draw as they automatically end up in group A. The three play-off winners end up in pot 4.

    Six pots (A, B, C, D, E and F) are used to draw the teams in the correct position within each pool. Pot A has three balls, as Germany is assigned to A1. Pots B through F have four balls for each position in the pool (e.g. B1, B2, B3 and B4).

    Draw procedure

    The draw starts with pot 1. The first team from pot 1 is drawn and assigned to the first available group in alphabetical order (group B in this case). To determine the team's position within the group drawn, a ball is then drawn from the relevant pot (Pot B in this case) containing the group positions.

    The next team will be drawn to be assigned to the next available group in alphabetical order. Once again, a ball is drawn from the corresponding pot with the group positions.

    The same procedure is repeated, until each team from pot 1 has been assigned to each group B through F, and each team has been assigned a group position.

    Once pot 1 is emptied, the draw continues in the same way with pot 2 (i.e. until every team from pot 2 has been assigned to each group A to F), then pot 3 and concludes with pot 4.

    Draw restrictions

    UEFA has imposed some restrictions on the draw, which are mainly political in nature. This means that a number of teams are not allowed to play against each other.

    • Bosnia Herz. - Kosovo
    • Serbia - Kosovo
    • Ukraine - Belarus
    • Azerbaijan - Armenia
    • Spain - Gibraltar

    Where and when is the European Championship qualifying draw?

    The draw for the European Championship qualification is on October 9, 2022 at 12:00 in Frankfurt. The draw is at the famous Festhalle Exhibition Center in the playing city. Messe Frankfurt is the largest organizer of conferences and events, with their own space that can accommodate as many as 15,000 people.

    The draw for the European Championship qualification determines which groups will be formed by the 54 national teams. "The draw is the first step for many teams to play at EURO 2024," said tournament director Philipp Lahm. "We look forward to an exciting draw and wish all teams a fair and smooth qualifying series."

    Frankfurt was previously the scene of a draw, namely in 2003 for the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

    The draw can be followed live on the UEFA website.

    European Championship 2024 qualifying draw at Messe Frankfurt
    European Championship 2024 qualifying draw at Messe Frankfurt

    European Championship 2024 qualifying draw results

    The results of the draw for the European Championship 2024 qualification have yielded the following groups:

    1. Spain, Scotland, Norway, Georgia and Cyprus
    2. Netherlands, France, Ireland, Greece and Gibraltar
    3. Italy, England, Ukraine, Macedonia and Malta
    4. Croatia, Wales, Armenia, Turkey and Latvia
    5. Poland, Czech Republic, Albania, Faroe Islands and Moldova
    6. Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Azerbaijan and Estonia
    7. Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Lithuania
    8. Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Northern Ireland and San Marino
    9. Switzerland, Israel, Romania, Kosovo, Belarus and Andorra
    10. Portugal, Bosnia Herz., Iceland, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Liechtenstein

    Pot allocation draw European Championship 2024 qualification

    This is the pot layout for the draw for the qualification for the European Championship 2024. England hasbeen placed in pot 2 based on the Nations League overall ranking.

    UNL pot
    Netherlands Netherlands
    Croatia Croatia
    Spain Spain
    Italy Italy
    Pot 1
    Denmark Denmark
    Portugal Portugal
    Belgium Belgium
    Hungary Hungary
    Switzerland Switzerland
    Poland Poland
    Pot 2
    France France
    Austria Austria
    Czech Republic Czech Republic
    England England
    Wales Wales
    Israel Israel
    Bosnië-Herzegovina Bosnië-Herzegovina
    Serbia Serbia
    Scotland Scotland
    Finland Finland
    Pot 3
    Ukraine Ukraine
    Iceland Iceland
    Norway Norway
    Slovenia Slovenia
    Ireland Ireland
    Albania Albania
    Montenegro Montenegro
    Romania Romania
    Sweden Sweden
    Armenia Armenia
    Pot 4
    Georgia Georgia
    Greece Greece
    Turkey Turkey
    Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
    Luxembourg Luxembourg
    Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
    Kosovo Kosovo
    Bulgaria Bulgaria
    Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
    Macedonia Macedonia
    Pot 5
    Slovakia Slovakia
    Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
    Cyprus Cyprus
    Belarus Belarus
    Lithuania Lithuania
    Gibraltar Gibraltar
    Estonia Estonia
    Latvia Latvia
    Moldova Moldova
    Malta Malta
    Pot 6
    Andorra Andorra
    San Marino San Marino
    Liechtenstein Liechtenstein

    The four group winners of Nations League A are also assured of group head status during the draw. The teams playing the Final Four and to limit the number of matches, the teams are placed in a group of 5 teams (instead of a group of 6 teams).

    Pot allocation for the draw for the European Championship 2024 qualification
    Pot allocation for the draw for the European Championship 2024 qualification

    How does the European Championship qualifying draw work?

    53 countries take part in the European Championship qualifying draw. The principles of this draw are unchanged from previous editions.

    Germany is automatically qualified as an organizer and therefore does not participate in the draw. Russia has also been excluded from the European Championship qualification and draw due to the invasion of Ukraine.

    The 53 participating countries are divided into pots based on the overall Nations League ranking.

    The draw will divide the countries into 10 groups: 7 groups of 5 teams and 3 groups of 6 teams.

    The 4 finalists of the Nations League will be drawn in the groups consisting of 5 teams. As a result, the countries have room on the playing calendar to play the final matches in June 2023. The finalists are:

    • Croatia
    • Spain
    • Italy
    • The Netherlands

    5 pairs of countries will not be able to be drawn together in the same group due to political tensions:

    • Armenia and Azerbaijan
    • Belarus and Ukraine
    • Gibraltar and Spain
    • Kosovo and Bosnia Herz.
    • Kosovo and Serbia

    A maximum of 2 cold countries will be drawn in the same group. So-called wintry countries are:

    • Belarus
    • Estonia
    • Faroe Islands
    • Finland
    • Iceland
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Norway

    Finally, there are pairs of land with a large travel distance between them. A maximum of one pair of countries that are far apart are drawn in a group.

    What is the procedure of the qualification draw?

    The draw for the qualification of the European Football Championship starts with the pot containing the finalists of the UNL. Then all countries from pot 1 are divided, after which the draw continues with the following pots.

    As a general rule for each pot, the drawn teams are seeded in alphabetical order from group A to group J. Thus, the UNL pot is allocated to groups A to D.

    From pot 2 onwards, the teams are also arranged in alphabetical order, provided that one of the above restrictions does not apply. In that case, the team will be placed in the next group.

    Since pot 6 only contains 3 countries, these countries are drawn in the sixth positions of groups H, I and J.

    Throphy during the European Championship draw
    Throphy during the European Championship draw


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