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Buying Euro 2024 tickets  is safest through a reliable seller. Buy tickets for football matches of the English national team during EURO 2024. Public ticket sales will start on October 3, 2023.

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    Tickets are available from €30 for the group stage. From October 3, 2023, all football fans from around the world will have access to ticket sales, and everyone will have the same chances of getting a ticket.

    Through UEFA's Fans First programme, more than 80% of all European Championship tickets are sold to fans of the participating teams. 1 million tickets are available for less than €60 each.

    The organization expects   to sell 2.7 million tickets (an average of 55,000 per match). Luxury and VIP tickets will be able to take advantage of all commercial opportunities of the European Championship.

    Germany has indicated that a combination ticket is possible, whereby card holders can also use public transport for free. There are no rules regarding illegal ticket sales in the host country, but the organization has promised that conditions can be imposed to prevent the unauthorized sale of tickets.

    Image of two European Championship 2024 tickets
    Image of two European Championship 2024 tickets

    When does the ticket sales start?

    From October 3 to 26, 1.2 million tickets will be sold for the European Championship in Germany. Ticket sales start on Tuesday at 2pm and fans can create an account on the UEFA website to be ready for the start of the first sales phase. The schedule is not yet known in this first phase.

    Another million tickets are sold to supporters of the participating teams. In collaboration with the national football associations, these cards will be offered from December 2, 2023. From that moment on, the match schedule will be known and you can make targeted purchases.

    Tickets will be withheld for supporters of countries that will play play-offs in March 2024 to still qualify. This way, each team is equally supported by their fans.

    You can purchase a maximum of 4 tickets per person, and only for one match per day.

    Ticket sales timeline

    The timeline for ticket sales is as follows:

    • October 3, 2023: ticket portal open and phase 1 ticket sales for everyone.
    • December 2, 2023: draw and ticket sales phase 2 for fans of 21 participating teams.
    • March/April 2024: play-offs and ticket sales phase 3 for fans of the 3 play-off winners.
    • June 14, 2024: start of the tournament.

    How are tickets allocated? Is there a lottery?

    Tickets are randomly assigned to those interested. The best chance to see your country play at the 2024 European Championship is to register between October 3 and 26, 2023. The tickets will be distributed through a transparent and fair lottery. Everyone has an equal chance, regardless of when you submitted the application in this phase.

    Your application can be completely successful, partially successful or unsuccessful per competition. It is therefore possible that you apply for multiple competitions, but are only admitted to one. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will receive the full number of tickets you requested.

    Those who were unsuccessful in October 2023 automatically have a better chance in the next round. UEFA is giving these fans priority for the Fans First programme, giving them the exclusive opportunity to be the first to purchase a Fans First ticket, depending on their ranking in the first lottery of October.

    European Championship tickets are in your name

    UEFA attaches great importance to reliable ticket sales. That is why all tickets are registered by name and you must identify yourself when purchasing. It is therefore not possible to resell your European Championship ticket through an unofficial channel.

    Prices Euro 2024 tickets

    The prices of Euro 2024 tickets depend on the category, the seat in the stadium and the stage of the tournament.

    The prices for Euro 2024 tickets are as follows (amounts in euros):

    Category Group stage Opening match Round of 16 Quarter final Semi finals Final
    Fans First 30 50 50 60 80 95
    Category 3 60 195 85 100 195 300
    Category 2 150 400 175 200 400 600
    Category 1 200 600 250 300 600 1.000

    A maximum of 4 tickets per match can be purchased per person. You can also only visit one match per day.

    Euro 2024 ticket prices
    Euro 2024 ticket prices

    What are the categories for the tickets?

    There are 4 categories for the tickets for the European Championship. The better the view, the more expensive the ticket.

    • Fans First : seats behind the goals.
    • Category 3 : seats in the corners and behind the goals, further from the field than category 2.
    • Category 2 : seats in the corners and behind the goals, or along the long sides above category 1.
    • Category 1 : seats on the long sides, or in the corners in the lowest compartments.

    Reselling European Championship tickets

    The cards are named and are personal. This means that UEFA knows who purchased the ticket. Fans who still want to sell their tickets can do so via the official platform of UEFA.

    Previously, UEFA launched a website for this and you can buy second-hand European Championship tickets at UEFA. The platform is expected to open in the spring of 2024.

    If the used tickets are sold to a new buyer, the original buyer will get a refund.

    Buy Euro 2024 tickets through UEFA

    You can buy European Championship tickets via the official ticket portal of UEFA. Football fans can already register, where you can indicate which country you prefer (the Netherlands, Belgium or another country). You will be the first to receive an email when ticket sales for EURO 2024 start.

    Tickets final European Championship

    When buying tickets for the matches, including the  final of the European Championship, you have to take into account that the football tournament is held throughout Europe. The most expensive ticket for the final in London costs € 945.

    Different products

    To make the system easy for everyone, the number of available products has been greatly simplified:

    • Individual tickets: one match in one stadium;
    • 'Follow my team' tickets: a ticket for one match in the knockout phase of your favorite team. When this team is eliminated in the group stage you will receive 100% money back.

    Furthermore, UEFA makes tickets available for disabled people in all stadiums every match. These cards are from the lowest price category, regardless of the place. Supervisors are also welcome.

    Some cards

    The card system is designed to keep it simple so that the football tournament is accessible to everyone. This allows fans to purchase a single ticket for each of the 51 matches. They are not obliged to buy combi tickets for specific matches, such as the opening match or the final of the European Championship 2024. Supporters can buy a maximum of 4 tickets per match in 1 of the 4 price categories.

    Combination cards

    In addition, combination tickets for 2 matches are available. This concerns 2 football matches in the same stadium from the group stage and the eighth finals. These combi tickets are available for all 10 stadiums for 2 matches within a number of days. This gives supporters the chance to watch 2 matches from the best seats in the stadium (e.g. Category 1 seats). These tickets give the perfect chance to see 2 matches and taste the atmosphere of 1 host city. The 2 matches of each stadium are already pre-selected. These matches are mainly around the weekend, so tourists can make a good choice to visit a specific region or place of the host city.

    Buy tickets for matches of the European Championship in 2024
    Buy tickets for matches of the European Championship in 2024

    Euro 2024 tickets for companies and entrepreneurs

    UEFA gives companies and entrepreneurs the opportunity to experience Euro 2024 from a very comfortable and exclusive environment. Business people can enjoy French luxury from the best places. The seats are naturally located in the heart of the stadium. The cards for companies and entrepreneurs combine sports, business and fun. The cards contain the following luxuries:

    • Category 1 match cards
    • Exclusive access to skyboxes and guest-friendly areas
    • A reception room with service
    • Champagne
    • Large and extensive choice of luxury food and drinks
    • In-seat buffet
    • Official tournament schedule and match overview
    • Free parking

    European Championship 2024 hospitality for companies and supporters

    The program for hospitality during the European Championship 2024 consists of various elements. This gives everyone the freedom and flexibility to put together their own program, depending on their wishes and available time. Companies that wish to participate in the benefits of the Euro 2024 hospitality program will certainly find an offer that exactly fits their needs. The program is split into two different products: the Gold Experience and the Platinum Experience. The Gold Experience includes a Pass a la Carte, Ultimate Pass and a Stadium Pass. The European Championship 2024 is the ultimate opportunity for entrepreneurs to come into contact with other entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can build up an extensive network and/or maintain their existing relationships. There are 100,000 packs starting at €900, available from 2014.

    The European Football Championship is the largest business club in Europe. UEFA will receive its guests as they would like to be received themselves. The hospitality will apply in every stadium and in every playing city. Everyone involved in Euro 2024 will be treated with preference by UEFA.

    More than 1,200 companies from 60 countries participated in the hospitality program of the European Championship in 2012.

    Rules for Euro 2024 ticket sales

    To ensure that Euro 2024 tickets are distributed fairly and to give as many fans as possible a chance to find matches, a number of rules apply.

    • Any person wishing to attend a match must be in possession of valid tickets, regardless of age.
    • To purchase tickets, one must be at least 18 years old.
    • Customers can order a maximum of 4 tickets per match.
    • Customers can only order tickets from one category per match. To increase the chance of cards, customers can agree to accept cards from other categories. They are then assigned cards from one higher or lower category.
    • Customers cannot purchase tickets for different matches taking place on the same day.
    • Each person can only open one account to purchase tickets.
    • Tickets are on sale for individuals. Companies that want to buy multiple cards must order the cards that are especially for companies and entrepreneurs.
    • Tickets can be won through raffles and game competitions. Only official partners of UEFA are authorized to give away tickets.
    • Euro 2024 is a non-smoking event.
    • Each card belongs to one seat, regardless of who comes first.

    The organization reserves the right to take all possible steps against all forms of black market. UEFA therefore strongly advises to only buy tickets through official channels. Tickets purchased outside official channels may be invalid or non-existent. People with such cards will be denied access to the stadiums.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the tickets

    How much are Euro 2024 tickets?

    The most expensive Euro 2024 ticket costs €1.000 for the final (category 1), the cheapest ticket costs €30 for the group stage (category 3).

    How many Euro 2024 tickets will be sold?

    A total of 2.7 million Euro 2024 tickets will be sold.

    When will ticket sales for Euro 2024 start?

    Ticket sales for the 2024 European Championships start on October 3, 2023.

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