EURO 2024 pool - participation, rules, tips and prizes

Play along with the European Championship Pool 2024 and predict the results of the European Football Championship. Compete in a pool against family, friends and colleagues and prove your knowledge of the European Football Championship in Germany. Join us and make the tournament even more exciting! With these tips you have a good chance of winning the pool.

Do you want to make the European Championship experience even more exciting? Then join the pool of the European Championship 2024 and win fantastic prizes! In this article you can read all about how you can participate in the pool, the rules and scoring of the pool and what prizes you can win.

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    A European Championship pool is predicting the results of the football tournament against a number of people. A pool is a group of teams in a tournament.

    Other websites with an pool

    There are a number of websites on the internet that offer a European Championship pool. In a number of cases, the pool is part of a brand or store's advertising. In other cases, the website focuses entirely on the football pool itself.

    Free soccer pool

    Registering with a football pool is often free, while you can play for great prizes. With a number of pools you have a chance of winning larger prizes by making a small deposit.

    Signing up for a free European Championship pool is often very simple. You have to enter relatively few details, so you can register within a few minutes.

    After registering you can start predicting the European Championship matches for free. The calculation of the points is also done by the website, so that you can fully focus on filling in the football pool.

    Organize your own European Championship pool

    Many football fans start a European Championship pool with family, friends and colleagues. Organizing your own European Championship pool is possible at many online pools.

    Your own European Championship pool is a sub-pool in which you play against a select group of people, such as family, friends or colleagues. With your own European Championship pool you have your own ranking, while the calculations are done by the website. Of course you can also agree to invest a small amount and divide prizes.

    You can give your own pool your own name. Many people choose their company name when playing with colleagues or the family name when competing against relatives. It is of course also possible to come up with fictitious or creative names for your own football pool.

    The advantage of organizing your own European Championship pool at a large website is that you also participate in the general ranking at the same time. Your points also count to participate in the larger prizes of the site in question.

    EK pool in Excel

    A European Championship pool in Excel is a football pool where the participants enter the results in the Excel spreadsheet. The program is extremely suitable for filling in the results and calculating the points.

    However, it takes quite a lot of time to create all the formulas, so the ranking is calculated automatically. Creating a pool in Excel is quite error-prone and laborious.

    A number of Excel models can be found on the internet in which you can predict European Championship results. However, these files are often protected with a password, so you cannot give them your own twist. You are also bound by the rules and scoring of the maker.

    It is easier than in Excel to start a European Championship pool via an online website. The website automatically calculates the points, so that the score is known shortly after the last final signal. You can also invite fellow players via email. An additional advantage is that most online European Championship pools also offer prizes.

    Fill in the EK pool

    You fill in the European Championship pool by predicting the results of the 64 matches. The group matches are known before the start of the tournament, but the knockout phase will become clear after the group phase.

    Predict group matches

    You can therefore fill in the group matches in advance. You have plenty of time to gather information and prepare well. However, the European Championship may turn out differently than you predict. Fortunately, at many European Championship pools you can quickly enter the results up to a few minutes before kick-off.

    Predict knockout matches

    The knockout matches will not be known until the group stage ends. With some European Championship pools you must indicate in advance which countries you expect in the knockout phase. You can then earn points for the correctly predicted team per phase. Results no longer need to be entered.
    At other European Championship pools, the correct countries are filled in during the tournament, and you can predict the results.

    Tips when filling in a European Championship pool

    Tips when filling in a European Championship pool help you to have a better chance of winning and possible prizes. Do you go for the most predictable results, or do you go for the exceptional surprises.

    If you fill in what everyone else fills in, you will never end up at the top of the ranking. There will always be underdogs who manage to keep a top favorite on a draw. In every tournament, a major football country is already eliminated in the group stage. However, the trick is to spot the deviations.

    A tip is not to predict too many surprises. In that case you will have many matches wrong, and only score the maximum number of points in each duel. Nevertheless, the group stage consists of only three games, and it is quite possible that a small football country will progress to the knockout round.

    Another tip is not to enter too large results in your football pool. Most European Championship matches end in 1-0, 0-1, 0-0 or 1-1. Big results like 3-3 are rare, but can give you some extra points if the situation arises.

    Results and bonus questions at a European Championship pool

    The basis of a European Championship pool is predicting the results of the matches. This means making the best estimate of how many goals each team will score. You also have to think about which team will win.

    You can also earn a lot of bonus points with extra questions. This includes predicting the winning country, the top scorer of the tournament or the number of yellow/red cards. With some websites you can even enter this per match, so that you can distinguish yourself even better from the rest.

    Specific questions about the Dutch national team or the Red Devils are also common, such as who scores the first goal or how far the Orange squad will make it in the tournament.

    Scoring European Championship pool

    The point count of a European Championship pool often depends on the results entered. The closer your prediction is to the truth, the more points you can earn.

    • If you have correctly predicted a result, you will receive the maximum number of points for that match.
    • If you don't get the result quite right, but the winner/tie is, you get a little less points.
    • If you don't get the winner/tie correct, but the number of goals scored by one of the teams is correct, you will get a little less points.
    • If you also did not correctly predict the number of goals scored by the teams, you will usually not receive any points.

    In the general ranking of the football pool, all points obtained are added together. This ranking lists all participants of that website. The same points also count towards your own pool.

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