European Championship 2024 qualifying groups - overview of the group division

The European Championship 2024 group qualification is the group division of all countries. View the overview of the qualifying groups and see which countries play against each other in the European Championship qualifying groups.

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    There are 10 groups in the qualifying round: 7 groups of 5 countries and 3 groups of 6 countries.

    Group C is an interesting group with Italy and England.

    European Championship 2024 qualifying groups - division by group

    This is the group classification of the qualification for the European Football Championship 2024. There are 10 groups; the group division consists of 7 groups of 5 countries (A to G) and 3 groups of 6 countries (H to J).

    Group A
    Spain Spain
    Scotland Scotland
    Norway Norway
    Georgia Georgia
    Cyprus Cyprus
    Group B
    Netherlands Netherlands
    France France
    Ireland Ireland
    Greece Greece
    Gibraltar Gibraltar
    Group C
    Italy Italy
    England England
    Ukraine Ukraine
    Macedonia Macedonia
    Malta Malta
    Group D
    Croatia Croatia
    Wales Wales
    Armenia Armenia
    Turkey Turkey
    Latvia Latvia
    Group E
    Poland Poland
    Czech Republic Czech Republic
    Albania Albania
    Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
    Moldova Moldova
    Group F
    Belgium Belgium
    Austria Austria
    Sweden Sweden
    Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
    Estonia Estonia
    Group G
    Hungary Hungary
    Serbia Serbia
    Montenegro Montenegro
    Bulgaria Bulgaria
    Lithuania Lithuania
    Group H
    Denmark Denmark
    Finland Finland
    Slovenia Slovenia
    Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
    Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
    San Marino San Marino
    Group I
    Switzerland Switzerland
    Israel Israel
    Romania Romania
    Kosovo Kosovo
    Belarus Belarus
    Andorra Andorra
    Group J
    Portugal Portugal
    Bosnië-Herzegovina Bosnië-Herzegovina
    Iceland Iceland
    Luxembourg Luxembourg
    Slovakia Slovakia
    Liechtenstein Liechtenstein


    The numbers 1 and 2, ie 20 countries, can qualify directly through the qualifiers. Each game is played twice: home and away. Germany is automatically qualified as host country.

    All European Championship 2024 qualifying groups
    All European Championship 2024 qualifying groups
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    Groups EURO 2024 qualifying is the division of all teams into ten groups. View the overview of the groups and see which teams play against each other in the qualifying groups.

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