EURO 2024 qualifying play-offs - schedule, teams and explanation

The EURO 2024 qualifying playoffs are an exciting part of the qualifying rounds for the European Football Championship. Everything about the play-offs for the European Championship in Germany, including schedule, participating teams and an explanation of the setup can be found here. Find out which teams can qualify for the tournament through the play-off games.

These playoffs offer teams that just fell short of points in the regular qualifiers another chance to qualify for the tournament. The qualifying playoffs are played between the group winners of each league of the Nations League.

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    20 countries will qualify from the regular qualifying matches, while 3 countries from the Nations League will eventually qualify for the European Football Championship via the play-off matches.

    No less than 12 countries from the Nations League will participate in the play-off, namely the 4 group winners of each of the 3 leagues A, B and C. 1 country per league will qualify for the European Football Championship. This means that each league has its own play-off games, from which a winner emerges.

    Playoff winners

    The winners of these competitions will qualify directly for the European Championship in 2024.

    These are the winners of the play-offs:

    League A: Poland Poland
    League B: Ukraine Ukraine
    League C: Georgia Georgia

    European Championship play-offs schedule

    The schedule of the European Championship play-offs consists of two semi-finals and a final. The matches are scheduled for March 2024.

    Play-offs path A

    Date Time Home Away Result
    21 March 2024 20:45 Poland Poland Estonia Estonia 5-1
    21 March 2024 20:45 Wales Wales Finland Finland 4-1
    26 March 2024 20:45 Wales Wales Poland Poland 0-0

    Poland wins the final and qualifies for the 2024 European Championship.

    Play-offs path B

    Date Time Home Away Result
    21 March 2024 20:45 Israel Israel Iceland Iceland 1-4
    21 March 2024 20:45 Bosnia Herz. Bosnia Herz. Ukraine Ukraine 1-2
    26 March 2024 20:45 Ukraine Ukraine Iceland Iceland 2-1

    Ukraine wins the final and qualifies for the 2024 European Championship.

    Play-offs path C

    Date Time Home Away Result
    21 March 2024 20:45 Georgia Georgia Luxembourg Luxembourg 2-0
    21 March 2024 20:45 Greece Greece Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 5-0
    26 March 2024 20:45 Georgia Georgia Greece Greece 0-0

    Georgia wins the final and qualifies for the 2024 European Championship.

    European Championship play-offs participants

    Who plays against whom is determined on the basis of the overall ranking of the UNL. These are the participants of the European Championship play-offs:

    • Bosnia Herz.
    • Estonia
    • Finland
    • Georgia
    • Greece
    • Iceland
    • Israel
    • Kazakhstan
    • Luxembourg
    • Poland
    • Ukraine
    • Wales

    The number 1 plays against the number 4, and the number 2 against the number 3 of the path.

    Unlike previous editions, teams from League D will initially not participate in these play-off matches.

    Fixtures of play-offs for EURO 2024
    Fixtures of play-offs for EURO 2024

    European Championship 2024 play-off draw

    The draw determines the composition of the play-off matches per League, so which countries meet in the semi-finals. The play-off draw also determines who is the host country for each League's matches.

    The draw for the play-off matches was on Thursday, November 23, 2023 at 11:00 AM in Nyon, Switzerland. It was then determined which countries will compete for the last 4 qualifying places for the final tournament.

    How are the semi-finals determined?

    The semi-finals of each League consist of one knockout match. In each of Leagues A, B and C, the teams are ranked from 1 to 4, based on their overall Nations League ranking.

    The semi-finals per League are as follows:

    • Team 1 - Team 4
    • Team 2 - Team 3

    What if countries have already qualified directly?

    If a country has already qualified for Euro 2024 through the qualifying rounds, the next highest ranked country from the relevant League will qualify for the play-offs. If a League does not have four teams to play against each other, these places will be filled by teams from another League, based on the overall ranking.

    Group winners are automatically qualified for the play-off matches of their League, and therefore cannot be placed in a play-off group of a higher League. These places are filled by countries from a lower League.

    For example, if 9 of the 12 countries from League A have qualified directly, then this place will be filled by the next country from League B. The 4 highest ranked countries from League B that did not qualify directly play play-off matches from their own league.

    Ultimately, there remains 1 country per League (A, B and C) that directly qualifies for the European Championship 2024 via the play-offs.

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    Three teams qualify through the play-offs for the European Championship 2024. All information about participating teams, schedule and more information about the structure of the European Championship play-offs.

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