EURO 2024 Song 'FIRE' by Meduza, OneRepublic & Leony Released

The UEFA EURO 2024 tournament is just around the corner, and with it comes the release of the official song, "FIRE", by Meduza, OneRepublic, and Leony.

EURO 2024 Official Song

A Fusion of Talent: Meduza, OneRepublic, and Leony

Meduza, OneRepublic, and Leony join forces to create the anthem for EURO 2024.

Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic writes the song, while Meduza handles production.

The track combines anthemic house, compelling soundscapes, and pop expertise.

Live Performance and Closing Ceremony

Fans can look forward to a live performance of "FIRE" during the closing ceremony.

The ceremony precedes the final match at Olympiastadion Berlin on July 14.

It promises to capture the fervor and spirit of both football and music enthusiasts.

Immersive Experience: Music and Football Unite

MEDUZA crafts additional compositions inspired by the anthem for various tournament moments.

These compositions enhance TV sequences, walk-on music, and trophy presentations.

EURO 2024 aims to integrate music seamlessly into every aspect of the event.

Official EURO 2024 Playlist

An official EURO 2024 playlist is now available on streaming platforms.

Weekly updates and curated takeovers provide a dynamic musical backdrop.

It adds to the immersive experience of the tournament for fans worldwide.

Celebrating Unity: Football and Music

Philipp Lahm, EURO 2024 tournament director, emphasizes the power of football and music to unite people.

The tournament aims to celebrate Europe's diversity and foster a sense of togetherness.

"FIRE" embodies this sentiment, serving as a symbol of unity and shared passion.

Join the Movement: #LightYourFire

Fans can participate in the #LightYourFire social media campaign inspired by the song.

The campaign offers a chance to win tickets to the EURO 2024 final.

It encourages fans to embrace the spirit of the tournament and share their excitement.

As EURO 2024 approaches, "FIRE" ignites the passion of football and music fans alike. With its blend of talent and energy, the official EURO 2024 song sets the stage for an unforgettable tournament experience. Join the #LightYourFire campaign and get ready to celebrate unity, diversity, and the beautiful game.

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Date published: 17-05-2024 | Date updated: 17-05-2024 | Author: Patrick de Graaf

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Get ready for UEFA EURO 2024 with 'FIRE', the official song by Meduza, OneRepublic, and Leony. Join the #LightYourFire campaign for a chance to win final tickets!

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