Poland - Austria - lineup and statistics

The European Championship match Poland - Austria will be played on Friday 21 June 2024 at 17:00 in Olympiastadion (Berlin). View the line-up and statistics of Poland against Austria at the European Championship 2024.

Details of the match Poland - Austria

Home: Vlag Poland Poland (#28)
Away: Vlag Austria Austria (#25)
Group: D
Date: 21 June 2024
Time: 17:00 uur
Day: Friday
Status: Match Finished
Regular time: 1 - 3
Half time: 1 - 1
Total result: 1 - 3
Number: #19
Stadium: Olympiastadion
City: Berlin

Chances and odds of Poland - Austria

Poland is the number 28 of the FIFA world rankings, while Austria ranks 25 in the ranking.

The odds of Poland are 3.50 and the odds of Austria are 2.18. This means that a win for Poland will get you 3.50 times your stake, while a win for Austria 2.18 times your stake can afford! The odds of a tie are 3.35.

Poland Tie Austria
3.50 3.35 2.18
28,6% 25,6% 45,9%
#28 FIFA Ranking #25
0,8% Champions 1,3%

Poland has 28,6% chance of winning this match, while Austria 45,9% chance of winning. The probability of a tie is 25,6%.

The prediction is that Poland has a 0,8% chance of winning the tournament, while Austria has a 1,3% chance of becoming the champion.

Course of the match Poland - Austria

Below is the match progression of Poland against Austria.

Poland   Austria
K. Urbański Substitution P. Zieliński 87"
81" R. Schmid Substitution C. Baumgartner
81" M. Gregoritsch Substitution M. Arnautović
78" Penalty M. Arnautović (Penalty)
Wojciech Szczęsny Yellow Card 77"
K. Grosicki Substitution B. Slisz 75"
70" Yellow Card Marko Arnautović
66" Normal Goal C. Baumgartner (Assist: A. Prass)
Robert Lewandowski Yellow Card 64"
63" A. Prass Substitution P. Mwene
Jakub Moder Yellow Card 62"
K. Świderski Substitution A. Buksa 60"
R. Lewandowski Substitution K. Piątek 60"
59" K. Danso Substitution G. Trauner
56" Yellow Card Patrick Wimmer
Bartosz Slisz Yellow Card 53"
J. Moder Substitution J. Piotrowski 46"
46" P. Wimmer Substitution F. Grillitsch
K. Piątek Normal Goal 30"
9" Normal Goal G. Trauner (Assist: P. Mwene)

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Statistics Poland - Austria

Below are the statistics of Poland against Austria.

Poland Statistics Austria
1 Result 3
47% Ball possession 53%
3 Shots on goal 9
5 Shots of goal 2
7 Shots blocked 4
15 Shots total 15
8 Shots inside box 10
7 Shots outside box 5
6 Goalkeeper saves 2
4 Corner kicks 3
0 Offsides 2
15 Fouls 15
4 Yellow cards 2
0 Red cards 0
311 Passes accurate 373
390 Passes total 443
80% Passes 84%

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Lineup Poland - Austria

Below are the configurations of Poland and Austria. These 22 basic players will appear at the kick-off. You can also read who the substitutes of both teams are.

Lineup Poland

Coach: M. Probierz

Format: 3-5-2

1 Wojciech Szczęsny goalkeeper
5 Jan Bednarek defender
3 Paweł Dawidowicz defender
14 Jakub Kiwior defender
19 Przemysław Frankowski midfielder
6 Jakub Piotrowski midfielder
10 Piotr Zieliński midfielder
24 Bartosz Slisz midfielder
21 Nicola Zalewski midfielder
16 Adam Buksa forward
23 Krzysztof Piątek forward
12 Łukasz Skorupski goalkeeper
22 Marcin Bułka goalkeeper
2 Bartosz Salamon defender
4 Sebastian Walukiewicz defender
18 Bartosz Bereszyński defender
8 Jakub Moder midfielder
11 Kamil Grosicki midfielder
15 Tymoteusz Puchacz defender
17 Damian Szymański midfielder
20 Sebastian Szymański midfielder
25 Michał Skóraś forward
26 Kacper Urbański midfielder
13 Taras Romanczuk midfielder
9 Robert Lewandowski forward
7 Karol Świderski forward

Lineup Austria

Coach: R. Rangnick

Format: 4-2-3-1

13 Patrick Pentz goalkeeper
5 Stefan Posch defender
15 Philipp Lienhart defender
3 Gernot Trauner defender
16 Phillipp Mwene defender
6 Nicolas Seiwald midfielder
10 Florian Grillitsch midfielder
19 Christoph Baumgartner midfielder
27 Konrad Laimer midfielder
9 Marcel Sabitzer midfielder
7 Marko Arnautović forward
1 Heinz Lindner goalkeeper
12 Niklas Hedl goalkeeper
4 Kevin Danso defender
2 Maximilian Wöber defender
14 Leopold Querfeld defender
21 Flavius Daniliuc defender
8 Alexander Prass midfielder
17 Florian Kainz midfielder
18 Romano Schmid midfielder
22 Matthias Seidl midfielder
23 Patrick Wimmer midfielder
24 Andreas Weimann forward
26 Marco Grüll midfielder
11 Michael Gregoritsch forward
25 Maximilian Entrup forward

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Referee, Assistants, and VARs for the Match Poland - Austria

These are the referee, assistants, and VARs for the Euro 2024 match Poland against Austria.

Role Name Country
Referee Halil Umut Meler Turkey
Assistant Referee 1 Mustafa Emre Eysoiy Turkey
Assistant Referee 2 Kerem Ersoy Turkey
Fourth Official Rade Obrenović Slovenia
Reserve Assistant Referee Jure Praprotnik Slovenia
Video Assistant Referee Paolo Valeri Italy
Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1 Alper Ulusoy Turkey
Assistant Video Assistant Referee 2 Massimiliano Irrati Italy
UEFA Referee Observer Lutz Michael Fröhlich Germany
UEFA Delegate Filip Popovski Macedonia

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Results Poland in the group stage of the European Football Championship

Poland has 1 points from 3 matches in group D. Poland has a goal difference of -3, consisting of 3 goals for and 6 goals against.

Results Austria in the group stage of the European Football Championship

Austria has played 3 matches in group D and has scored 6 points. Austria has 6 goals for and 4 against, resulting in a goal difference of 2.

Standings group D

Below is the position in group D with Poland and Austria:

Country P W D L GF GA P
Austria Austria 3 2 0 1 +6 -4 6
France France 3 1 2 0 +2 -1 5
Netherlands Netherlands 3 1 1 1 +4 -4 4
Poland Poland 3 0 1 2 +3 -6 1

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Matches Poland at the European Football Championship

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#7) Sun 16 Jun 14:00 Group D Volksparkstadion
Poland Poland 1-2 Netherlands Netherlands
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#19) Fri 21 Jun 17:00 Group D Olympiastadion
Poland Poland 1-3 Austria Austria
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#32) Tue 25 Jun 17:00 Group D BVB Stadion
France France 1-1 Poland Poland
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Matches Austria at the European Football Championship

These are the matches of Austria at the European Football Championship.

#8) Mon 17 Jun 20:00 Group D Dusseldorf Arena
Austria Austria 0-1 France France
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#19) Fri 21 Jun 17:00 Group D Olympiastadion
Poland Poland 1-3 Austria Austria
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#31) Tue 25 Jun 17:00 Group D Olympiastadion
Netherlands Netherlands 2-3 Austria Austria
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#44) Tue 02 Jul 20:00 1/8 final Leipzig Stadion
Austria Austria 1-2 Turkey Turkey
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