Where can you watch the European Championship qualification live? These are the TV channels

The huge appeal of the European qualifications is reflected in its broadcasting reach, with partners in Europe and around the world in territories in Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, the Middle East, Oceania and beyond.

Fans can find their local broadcast partner(s) for the European Qualifier below.

UEFA.tv will live stream all European qualifiers except for the respective national team matches in the following territories: Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Malta, Moldova and Spain


Albania: Digitalb, TV Klan
Andorra: L'Equipe, TF1, TVE
Armenia: Public TV, Vivaro
Austria: DAZN, ÖRF, Puls 4, Servus TV
Azerbaijan: CBC Sports
Belarus: UEFA.tv
Belgium: DPG Media, Eleven Sports, RTBF
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Arena Sport, BHRT
Bulgaria: BNT,NOVA Bulgaria
Croatia: Sports Club/Nova TV
Cyprus: CyBC, CYTA
Czech Republic: AMC Networks, Ceske Televize
Denmark: TV2 Denmark
Estonia: Viaplay Estonia
Faroe Islands: Faroese Broadcasting Corporation
Finland: MTV Finland, YLE
France: L'Equipe, TF1
Georgia: GPB, Silknet
Germany: DAZN, RTL, ZDF
Gibraltar: Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation, UEFA.tv
Greece: Alpha Satellite Television, NovaSports
Holy See (State of Vatican City): Mediaset, RAI, Sky Italia
Hungary: MTVA, TV2, Arena 4
Iceland: Viaplay Iceland
Israel: Charlton, The Sports Channel
Italy: Mediaset, RAI, Sky Italia
Kazakhstan: QAZSPORT
Kosovo: Artmotion, Digitalb - Klan Kosova
Latvia: Viaplay Latvia
Liechtenstein: Liechtensteiner Landeskanal, UEFA.tv
Lithuania: Viaplay Lithuania
Luxembourg: Eleven Sports, RTL
Malta: PBS, UEFA.tv
Moldova: GMG Moldova, UEFA.tv
Monaco: L'Equipe, TF1
Montenegro: Arena Sports, RTCG
The Netherlands: NOS, Ziggo Sport
North Macedonia: Arena Sport, MKRTV
Norway: TV2-N
Portugal: RTP, Sports TV
Ireland: Premier Sports, RTE, Saran, Virgin Media
Romania: Antena 1, Clever Media, Digi Sport Romania
San Marino: Mediaset, RAI, RTV San Marino, Sky Italia
Serbia: RTS Serbia
Slovakia: AMC Networks, RTV Slovakia
Slovenia: Sports TV, Sports Club
Spain: TVE, UEFA.tv
Sweden: Viaplay Sweden
Switzerland: DAZN, RSI, RTS, SRF, SRG
Türkiye: Saran, TRT, TRT, TRT
Ukraine: Megogo
United Kingdom: Channel 4, Viaplay
Wales: S4C

Rest of the world

Afghanistan: Sony Six
American Samoa: Fox Sports, fubo tv, TUDN
Angola: Super sports
Anguilla: Verticast Media
Antigua and Barbuda: Verticast Media
Argentina: ESPN Latin America
Aruba: Vertical Media
Australia: Optus Australia
Bahamas: Verticast Media
Bangladesh: Sony Six
Barbados: Verticast Media
Belize: ESPN Latin America
Benin: New World TV, Super Sports
Bermuda: Verticast Media
Bhutan: Sony Six
Bolivia: ESPN Latin America
Bonaire: Vertical Media
Botswana: Super sports
Brazil: ESPN Brazil - Globo, ESPN Latin America
Burkina Faso: New World TV, Super Sports
Burundi: New World TV, Super Sports
Cambodia: CTN Cambodia
Cameroon: New World TV, Supersport
Canada: DAZN Canada
Cape Verde: Supersport
Cayman Islands: Verticast Media
Central African Republic: New World TV, Supersport
Chad: New World TV, Supersport
Chile: ESPN Latin America
PR China: Super Sports China
Christmas Island: UEFA.tv
Cocos Islands: UEFA.tv
Colombia: ESPN Latin America
Comoros: New World TV, Supersport
Congo:New World TV, Supersport
Cook Islands: Digicel
Costa Rica: ESPN Latin America
Ivory Coast: New World TV, Supersport
Cuba: Vertical Media
Curacao: Verticast Media
Democratic Republic of the Congo: New World TV, Supersport
Djibouti: New World TV, Super Sports
Dominica: Verticast Media
Dominican Republic: ESPN Latin America, Verticast Media
Ecuador:ESPN Latin America
El Salvador: ESPN Latin America
Equatorial Guinea: Supersport
Eritrea: Super sports
Ethiopia: Super sports
Falkland Islands: UEFA.tv
Fiji: Digicel
French Guiana: ESPN Latin America, L'Équipe, TF1
French Polynesia: Digicel, L'Équipe, TF1
French Southern and Antarctic Territories: UEFA.tv
French Southern Territories: L'Équipe,TF1
Gabon: New World TV, Super Sports
Gambia: Super sports
Ghana: Super Sports
Grenada: Verticast Media
Guadeloupe: L'Équipe, TF1, Verticast Media
Guam: Fox Sports, fubo tv, TUDN
Guatemala: ESPN Latin America
Guinea-Bissau: Supersport
Guyana: ESPN Latin America
Haiti: Verticast Media
Honduras:ESPN Latin America
Hong Kong SAR: UEFA.tv
India: Sony Six Jamaica: Verticast Media
Japan: DAZN Japan
Kenya: Super Sports
Kyrgyzstan: UEFA.tv
Laos: UEFA.tv
Lesotho: Super sports
Liberia: Super Sports
Madagascar: New World TV, Supersport
Malawi: Super sports
Malaysia: Astro Sports
Maldives: Sony Six
Mali: New World TV, Supersport
Mariana Islands: Fox Sports, fubo tv, TUDN
Martinique: L'Équipe, TF1, Verticast Media
Mauritania: New World TV, Supersport
Mauritius: L'Équipe, New World TV, Supersport
Mayotte: L'Equipe, TF1
Mexico: Sky Mexico
Midway: Fox Sports, fubo tv, TUDN
Mongolia: Unitel Mongolia
Montserrat: Verticast Media
Mozambique: Super sports
Myanmar: SkyNet
Namibia: Supersport
Nepal: Sony Six
New Caledonia: L'Équipe, TF1
New Zealand: Sky Network Television
Nicaragua: ESPN Latin America
Niger: New World TV, Super Sports
Nigeria: Super Sports
North Korea: UEFA.tv
Northern Mariana Islands: UEFA.tv
Pakistan: Sony Six
Palestinian Territory: Charlton, The Sports Channel
Panama: ESPN Latin America
Papua New Guinea: EMTV
Paraguay: ESPN Latin America
Peru: ESPN Latin America
Philippines: TAP TV Philippines
Pitcairn Islands: UEFA.tv
Puerto Rico: Fox Sports, fubo tv, TUDN
Republic of Guinea: New World TV, Supersport
Republic of Korea: Eclat Korea
Republic of the Marshall Islands: Digicel
Reunion: L'Equipe, TF1
Rwanda: New World TV, Supersport
Saba: Vertical Media
Saint Barths: L'Équipe, TF1, Verticast Media
Saint Christopher: Verticast Media
Saint Eustatius: Verticast Media
Saint Helena: Super Sports
Saint Kitts and Nevis: Verticast Media
Saint Lucia: Verticast Media
Saint Martin: L'Équipe, TF1, Verticast Media
Saint Pierre and Miquelon: L'Equipe, TF1 , Verticast Media
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Verticast Media
Samoa: Digicel
Sao Tome and Principe: Supersport
Senegal: New World TV, Supersport
Seychelles: New World TV, Supersport
Sierra Leone: Super Sports
Singapore: Star Hub
Solomon Islands: Digicel
Somalia: Supersport
South Africa: Supersport
South Sudan: Supersport
Sri Lanka: Sony Six
Sudan: Super sports
Suriname: ESPN Latin America
Swaziland: Super sports
Taiwan/Chinese Taipei: ELTA TV Taiwan
Tajikistan: UEFA.tv
Tanzania: Super Sports
Thailand: UEFA.tv
Tibet: UEFA.tv
Togo: New World TV, Super Sports
Tonga: Digicel
Tortola: Verticast Media
Trinidad and Tobago: Verticast Media
Turkmenistan: UEFA.tv
Turks and Caicos: Verticast Media
Uganda: Supersport
United States: Fox Sports, fubo tv, TUDN
Uruguay: ESPN Latin America
Uzbekistan: MTRK Vanuatu: Digicel
Venezuela: ESPN Latin America
Vietnam: Vietnam
Virgin Islands (British): Verticast Media
Virgin Islands (US): Fox Sports, fubo tv, TUDN
Wallis and Futuna: Digicel, L'Équipe, TF1
Western Sahara: UEFA.tv
Zambia: Super sports
Zimbabwe: Super Sports

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Where to watch the EURO 2024 qualification: TV broadcast partners, live streams. How to watch the UEFA EURO 2024 qualifiers wherever you are.

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