Human rights are important in the allocation of EURO 2024

UEFA will pay strict attention to human rights when allocating Euro 2024. The only interested countries are Germany and Turkey, so the choice for UEFA is limited.

Before éé If one of the countries is allowed to organize the European Football Championship, it must have labor rights and human rights in the country in good order. Corruption must also be fought, according to UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin. 

"The protection of human and labor rights is very important for the European Football Association. UEFA cannot start announcing their strict selection policy early enough. Germany and Turkey must be able to demonstrate when submitting their bid that they can guarantee the rights."

In September 2018, the Football Association will announce which country may organize the European Football Championship in 2024. Turkey has never organized a European Football Championship, while Germany has already done so in 1974 and 2006. The World Cup football was also played in Germany in 1988.

By announcing the strict selection policy, UEFA wants to prevent workers from being exploited, as is currently the case for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. FIFA has received a lot of criticism because of the many deaths that occur during the construction of the football stadiums.

The strict policy does not only apply to the European Football Championship, but to all UEFA matches.

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Date published: 09-05-2017 | Date updated: 09-05-2017 | Author: Patrick de Graaf

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UEFA will pay strict attention to human rights and corruption in the allocation of the European Championship 2024. In September it will be known whether Germany or Turkey will be the host country.

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