Germany may organize the European Championship 2024 and Turkey will be eliminated

The Euro 2024 will be organized by Germany. Turkey was also in the race for the host country, but was again eliminated.

EURO 2024 has been awarded to Germany, with which the Germans can organize the football tournament for the second time. In 1988, the Dutch national team won the championship with its eastern neighbours. In 2006, the football World Cup was played in the country.

Germany hosts Euro 2024

Turkey loses again

Turkey was the only competitor of favorite Germany, but was ultimately not chosen as host country. With this, the Turks seize for the fourth time next to the organization of the European Football Championship.

In 2008, 2012 and 2016 they also received too few votes to be allowed to act as host country.

Turkey loses due to human rights violation

It is not surprising that Germany received the most votes. Both countries have extremely good stadiums available, but the Germans have a slight advantage.

Turkey's location between three continents has an advantage of the Turks, because this allows football to reach an even larger target group.

However, Turkey is lagging far behind when it comes to human rights, which is the main reason for their loss. UEFA wants to make a statement with this.

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Date published: 27-09-2018 | Date updated: 27-09-2018 | Author: Patrick de Graaf

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The European Championship 2024 is hosted by Germany. Turkey misses the football tournament for the 4th time. The EURO 2024 host country received the most votes.

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