Germany is interested in hosting Euro 2024

Germany is interested in the organization of the European Championship 2024. The German Football Association announced this today. 

So far, the Germans are the only country to wants to organize European Football Championship in 2024. It is possible that Turkey and Scandinavian countries will also make an official offer, but none of these countries have confirmed it. 

In 2006, Germany hosted the World Football Championship , which later turned out not to have gone well. Germany won the election by secretly paying money, something Franz Beckenbauer never admitted. Nevertheless, the chairman of the German Football Association, Wolfgang Niersbach, was later suspended.

The new chairman, Reinhard Grindel, wants to bring the European Championship 2024 to his country. In doing so, the organization must set an example for all of German football. Germany's bid should also be an inspiration with regard to the allocation of the 10 host cities.

Germany has already organized the European Football Championship in 1988. This tournament was won by the Netherlands. 

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Date published: 20-01-2017 | Date updated: 20-01-2017 | Author: Patrick de Graaf

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Germany is interested in the organization of the European Championship 2024. In 1988, the Germans also organized a European Football Championship, which was won by the Netherlands.

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