Euro 2024: UEFA confirms Euro squad of 26 players

The Euro 2024 Championship is just around the corner and there's exciting news for fans: UEFA has confirmed that all participating nations will be allowed to assemble a squad of 26 players. This decision, made by the national competitions committee, comes after intense discussions and offers teams more flexibility and depth for the tournament.

Shift from 23 to 26 players

Traditionally, Euro squads consisted of 23 players, but after the impact of Covid-19 and feedback from coaches, including Gareth Southgate, it was decided to increase them to 26. This allows teams to better cope with injuries, fatigue, and tactical variations during the tournament.

Impact on team selection

Expanding the squad to 26 players has a significant impact on how coaches assemble their teams. Ronald Koeman, the Netherlands manager, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the original plan to revert to 23 players, calling it "absurd". This change now gives coaches more room to maneuver tactically and select the best players for each situation.

Debate over additions

UEFA's decision has sparked debate within international teams about which additional players should be added to the squad. Some coaches prefer a tight squad of 23 players due to team harmony, while others see the benefits of a larger talent pool. These discussions are crucial to finding a balance between depth and team dynamics.

Benefits of larger squads

One of the main advantages of having a squad of 26 players is the ability for more rotation. This can be crucial during an intense tournament like the Euros, where teams face fatigue and injuries. A larger squad also provides more options for different tactics and strategies, allowing coaches to be more flexible in their approach.

Challenges for coaches

While having a squad of 26 players offers many benefits, it also presents challenges for coaches. Selecting the right players and maintaining team harmony can be a delicate balance. Coaches must carefully weigh which players make up the squad and how to integrate the various skills and personalities of the team.


The expansion of Euro 2024 squads to 26 players marks a significant change in the tournament. While it brings some challenges, it also offers exciting opportunities for teams and fans alike. With a larger talent pool and more flexibility in tactics, Euro 2024 promises to be an engaging spectacle for football fans across the globe.

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Date published: 28-04-2024 | Date updated: 28-04-2024 | Author: Patrick de Graaf

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Learn about the expansion of Euro 2024 squads to 26 players. Find out why this change is happening.

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