European Championship 2024 assigned to Germany or Turkey on Thursday

Euro 2024 will be awarded to Germany or Turkey. UEFA will meet in Nyon on Thursday 27 September to vote on who will be the host country.

Secret vote

Countries all want to organize a major football tournament and are prepared to go to great lengths to do so. to go. In the allocation of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup, rules were even exceeded and FIFA board members sold their votes. The World Football Association has therefore decided to make the vote public.

However, the European football association UEFA still decides in the boardroom about the allocation of the European Football Championship. As a result, the vote remains secret for the time being. The association has, however, drawn up strict rules for directors regarding the allocation of the football tournament.

Germany favourite

Germany is the big favourite to be allowed to participate in the European Championship 2024 to organize. The football superpower organized the tournament in 1988, when the Netherlands won the European Football Championship for the only time.

Turkey has already shown interest three times in organizing a European Championship, but lost to Austria/Switzerland in 2008, to Ukraine/Poland in 2012 and to France in 2016.

Germany complains about Dutch driver

The German Football Association has complained to UEFA about Michel van Praag, member of the UEFA board. The Germans accuse Van Praag of openly expressing his support for Turkey, while this is against the rules. Van Praag even spoke about the European Championship 2024 in Istanbul last year.

According to Germany and the KNVB, there is currently no disagreement between the parties.

The vote on will be 14:00 announced by chairman Aleksander Ceferin.

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Date published: 26-09-2018 | Date updated: 26-09-2018 | Author: Patrick de Graaf

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UEFA votes on whether Germany or Turkey can host Euro 2024. The vote on the host country will take place in secret on Thursday and will be known at 2 p.m.

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