Discover Football Technologies at EURO 2024: VAR, Goal-line Tech & More

As UEFA EURO 2024 approaches, fans anticipate not only the thrill of the game but also the incorporation of cutting-edge football technologies. From VAR to goal-line tech, here's an overview of what to expect this summer.

Discover Football Technologies at EURO 2024: VAR, Goal-line Tech & More

VAR at UEFA EURO 2024: A Game-Changing Asset

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has become an integral part of modern football, ensuring fair play and accurate decisions. At EURO 2024, VAR will be deployed alongside two Assistant VARs and three video operators for every match.

  • Four Video Operations Rooms (VORs) in the Football Technologies Hub (FTECH Hub) will oversee VAR operations.
  • VAR will intervene for clear and obvious errors in crucial match-changing situations.
  • Referees retain the final decision-making authority, with VAR providing supplementary information.

Connected Ball Technology: Enhancing Decision-making

In a groundbreaking move, UEFA EURO 2024 will introduce Adidas connected ball technology, offering real-time ball data transmission. This innovation aids Semi-Automated Offside Technology (SAOT) and accelerates in-game decisions.

  • Connected ball technology enables precise tracking of every touch, facilitating quicker resolutions of incidents.
  • Real-time data transmission empowers VAR officials to make informed decisions promptly.

Semi-Automated Offside Technology (SAOT): Precision in Offside Calls

SAOT, integrated with the EURO connected ball, revolutionizes offside decisions with its advanced camera tracking system. Introduced in the UEFA Champions League and making its EURO debut, SAOT enhances accuracy and efficiency.

  • Ten specialized cameras track 29 body points per player, facilitating swift and accurate offside determinations.
  • Integration with the connected ball technology provides instant analysis of offside situations.

Goal-Line Technology (GLT): Ensuring Goal Decisions with Precision

UEFA ensures goal decisions remain accurate and timely with the implementation of Goal-Line Technology (GLT) across all EURO 2024 venues. This system, a fixture in elite competitions since 2016, guarantees swift and conclusive rulings on goal-line incidents.

  • Seven cameras per goal provide comprehensive coverage of the goal area, detecting ball placement with precision.
  • GLT offers immediate feedback to match officials, minimizing delays in crucial goal decisions.

The Football Technologies Hub: Command Center for Innovation

The FTECH Hub stands as the nerve center for technological advancements during EURO 2024. Housing Video Match Officials (VARs and AVARs), it serves as the central point for data collection and distribution.

  • VAR operations, data collection from goal-line tech and connected ball sensors, and performance analysis occur within the FTECH Hub.
  • The hub ensures seamless integration of various technologies to enhance the overall match experience.

As UEFA EURO 2024 embraces technological advancements, fans can anticipate a tournament where precision, fairness, and efficiency reign supreme. With VAR, connected ball technology, SAOT, and GLT in play, EURO 2024 promises to deliver exhilarating matches while upholding the highest standards of accuracy and fairness.

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Date published: 14-05-2024 | Date updated: 14-05-2024 | Author: Patrick de Graaf

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Explore how technology, including VAR and connected ball tech, will revolutionize EURO 2024. Learn about semi-automated offside and goal-line technology.

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